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Science & Technology

Precious Plastic

A material that can be constantly recycled is a great help to ecology and the economy, especially when the human population is growing rapidly and our lifestyle demands are increasing
exponentially. The solution is not to ban plastic, but to ensure that it is used responsibly and recycled properly


With an understanding of the laws and technology to make open source bike, We present a complete Free and Open Source Motorcycle, certified as research bikes by associating with Educational Institute like Pondicherry University. There will be a live demonstration of the process and a workshop will be opened for the bikers to tweak and customize their bikes


Lets find a technological solution for day to day problems. This will be an effort to bring dynamic technological solutions to the households


Black Nerve

A Short Film Production Platform for Film and Media enthusiasts in Puducherry. The Studio supports every artistic script with our living resources. It also comes up with Infotainment videos regarding every aspect of life viz, Science and Technology, History, Politics, Sociology etc.,


Features everything in Puducherry, her
people, culture, places and her alluring features

Pirate Store

An online marketplace exclusively for Puducherry, where people can buy, sell and market products. The π-rate Store will be a medium through which alternatives for most of the ecologically expensive products are pitched



Returning to natural fibers is a step in the right direction and a demand for natural fibers and Indian Textiles could help perpetuate endangered Indian weaving traditions and create economic
opportunities to pull Indian farmers and weavers out of poverty

Handmade Organic Soaps & liquids

There is a certain beauty to handmade things simply because it is a kind of imitation of creation itself. It is not a repeatable thing

Aesthetic Designs

Art is the essence of life. Because, as far as culture is concerned, there are many things related to masculine and feminine aspects.
Survival is associated with masculine nature.
Aesthetics is associated with feminine nature.
These aspects should be balanced for a society to function well


Graphic design

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Art direction

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Brand strategy

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Student Ambassador

If you are below 16 years of age and currently associated with an educational institution, We would love to have You become a Pirate Reactor Student Ambassador! This provides You with opportunities to:

  • Obtain leadership roles in your Campus & Community
  • Work with your peers to spread the knowledge shared through hands-on & online courses conducted by  Professionals
  • Receive a bunch of cool rewards, opportunities and recognition
  • Gain experience in the fields of Science and Technology, Business and Politics
  • Potential for a internship in Pirate Reactor
  • Access to a network of Pirate Reactor Ambassadors all over Pondicherry
  • Potential visits to places in and around Pondicherry

Already many homes resemble a warehouse where all kinds of things are stacked up from floor to ceiling. It is because of endless and compulsive shopping. You already have too much of stuffs as compared to what people had had fifty years ago. Still you are desperate for more. Do you think this desperation would fade away if you have thousand times more than that of what you want? It wouldn’t. At this time, when most homes are turning into warehouses, may this TxRx initiative be a remainder that there is no Container Service at the end of our lives. Time to consciously conduct Economic activity at National and Individual Level!

TxRx Programme

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