Static Electricity – The lazy charges!

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The ground reality among the people today is that, they master diversified futuristic concepts, say, ML, AI, et cetera, but fail to construe the Science around them!

Ever noticed a spark from the door lock when touched after walking on a carpet?…or ever played with a balloon by rubbing it against your head to attract the hair???

Seems to be a kinda old hat right!😅

Wanna explore the science behind this clishéd trick?….Hahahaa😋…
‎ Vamos!

‎All might have observed a sparkling sound while taking away the sweater off your shirt, a similar scenario as above!
…And don’t be taken aback when I let out the cause!….it is the result of the so called ‘Electricity’ in there!

But….Why can’t this electricity run your TV or fan??? Or Why didn’t you ever get an electric shock while doing these???
Come on… let’s fix these ‘WHYs❓’ !

Consider the scenario when you rub a balloon🎈 against your head👨. As explained earlier, every thing is made of atoms, inclusive of these balloons and your hair. Since every object is initially neutral, there would be no effect between the balloon and your hair before rubbing. And when they are rubbed together, a frictional force acts in there, which makes both the balloon and your hair get ‘electrically charged‘ ! Now…don’t you hit with a question ‘HOW❓’…

‎To infer this, let’s get into atoms again! We know that, in every atom, the valence electrons are loosely bound to its nucleus. So, this frictional force is enough to remove them off your hair. Now, your hair has lost some electrons and becomes Positively Charged (hair +) , as the Protons are more in number than the electrons. Your positively charged hair is named as ‘CATION’.

Simultaneously, the neutral balloon accepts these free electrons. This tranfer of electrons from your hair to the balloon tends to give out some sort of sparkling sound, and this mechanism is again given an identity as ‘TRIBO-ELECTRIC EFFECT’ ! Now, as the balloon had gained some electrons, it becomes Negatively Charged (balloon -), as the Electrons are more in number than the protons. The negatively charged balloon is known as ‘ANION’.

As the balloon and hair are now oppositely charged, they get attracted to each other!

Now, as you consider the scenario when you take your sweater off your shirt, a similar proccess occurs accompanied by a crackling sound.

…..Again, you may hit with a question ‘HOW?’ Perceive the diagram below:

I. Initial Neutrality

II. After Rubbing

III. As the sweater now has excess electrons, it tends to balance the nature. So, the sweater repels off the 2 extra electrons to regain its neutrality. Thus, when the 2 electrons jump out, to fill the gap, there occurs a crackling sound, which can even be witnessed in a dark room!

And that’s all about the ‘HOWs?’✌…

‎Stepping into our former ‘WHYs’…..

The ‘charges’ explicated in this context, are the laziest ones that keep sitting on your hair or sweater without moving! That’s why they are termed ‘STATIC ELECTRICITY’. And how can these lazy charges, being stationary, be employed to run your TV or fan?

‎From the previous post, it’s obvious that a TV or a fan can be made run only if the charges are moved. And, as this moving of charges has a ‘current’ (movement) in a particular direction, we term it as the ‘CURRENT ELECTRICITY’, which can only cause electric shocks💥

Hope I’ve helped you fix the ‘WHYs?’ of Static vs Current Electricity!….

Now, with these stuffs in mind, let’s move on to an other concept!


🔎eerie though…..

We know that,

Like charges attract ⏩⏪ Unlike charges repel⏪ ⏩

Consider you’re now holding a pen. When everything in the globe (say, the globe itself🤓) is made of Atoms, with many electrons orbiting their nucleus, will not the electrons in your hand repel the electrons of the pen that you hold, as they get closer ???????

When you hold a pen, Atoms at a point in your finger and pen tend to meet each other. As they have same charges (electrons) in their valence orbit, they tend to repel each other, making the pen float in the air💨. And since this repulsive force is negligible, we are unable to feel it!


Also YOU tend to float in the air as you walk or sit❗

…Stay up for more updations✌

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