The Fake – a spooky script

The story begins …

Two world renowned bikes Royal Enfield & R15 occupied by our story’s 3 victims strikes an empty road at the nights dark presence . They stop at the sight of street light and halt there to consume some time . They start to mock each other in a sarcastic manner . After that they feel the vagueness and so shyam called thamizh whose house is nearby that area and asked him to ready the carrom board to game that night !

Meanwhile before moving to thamizh’s home Manny get a sensation to piss and so he got to a dark place to piss which is not so far away from sudukadu . Kumaran notices him and when manny returned he cautioned him with spoiler alert that he pissed near sudukadu . Manny tries to act cool by stating “Na antha conjuring eh pathaven”,Shyam interrupts “Un kozhupuku nanga baliya”,then kumaran “Manoj ah vita pei ya carrom vilaiyada kotitu varuvan ,Seri time aguthu anga thamizh namakaga wait pannitu irupan vanga povoma !”

Three gamers arrive at thamizh’s home and knock at the door , Thamizh opens the door gradually and greets them by saying “Vilaiyadalama !”

Four of them enter into a room where the carroms are neatly aranged ! They sat down to strike . And shyam suddenly notices that red coin is missing ! And he insist thamizh to search for it . Thamizh prepares to leave the room to search for it and utters “Ongaluku passikum la sapudathuku ethachi iruntha kondu varen ! ”

He steps out and closes the dooor ! Boom ! Thats it the horror starts as the striker automatically banged at the coins and all of a sudden the lights get switched off and then on . In a fraction of minute Everyone in the room notices the red coin at the center of the carrom board and all the other coins missing from the scene and they cannot feel the presence of each other visually and in all sense they can only noitice the red coin alone they feel horrified and move to corner of the room .

Meanwhile Thamizh on the other side instead of looking for the red coin he enters the kithchen and fetches a apple and an innappropriate knife and enters the horrified room to meet his friends . To the surprise of audience he is able to visually see the three of them and with a bang sound of thamizh closing the door three of them come to normal conciousness now they can see each other !

But we can notice horror in their face . Thamizh tries to avoid noticing that they are horrified starts to cut the apple with the knife Now adding to the horror Blood pump out of the apple !

Three of them tries to convince thamizh to leave the home as soon as possible . But thamizh rejects them by saying “Athu than na irruken la ”

Three of them feels that thamizh will be hurted if he knows ghost is in his house .

So they try to divert him that his gf is waiting for him at the beach ! Thamizh decides to go with three of them to the beach . He drives shyam Enfield as Manoj and kumaran accomodated R15 . Now both the bikes striked towards the road hoping for a happy beach romance .

Now the camera rolls over to thamizh’s house again . When we go near the bathroom we can hear the sound of water poring and suddenly the tap closes and the door open! Here comes the real Thamizh Fresh from the bathroom and hepicks up his Experia to call shyam to tell him that he is waiting for more than one hour to play carom with the three … Ting ! Ting ! Ting !

The story ends for a romance to continue 😛

Expect us!

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