“Dad: ohh my dear son..!!”

Holaaa amigos,

Happy to see you fellas after a trifling gap with the deep emotions of a #Father and his #Son who got succeeded with his passion.

One fine day, after sending their son to the office, the father and mother sitting in the garden eliciting splendid memories about their son. The father starts narrating the story, after a great struggle for 10 years we got a little child and named him #THE ENGINEER, we wanted to see him as an engineer but his vision was fully over the #PHOTOGRAPHY, he used to urge us for buying a camera right from his childhood, at that time we didn’t encourage his motive to become a photographer and used to say him constantly to concentrate over his studies, and I still remember the first dispute between me and him regarding the selection of the course after completing his school education. He stood strong in his decision to pursue his photography courses, and it’s seems to be #absurd what I did to him at that time.

I forced him to join in an engineering college, and under compulsion he started his B.Tech course. Days went off, with the regular meetings with his college staffs regarding his poor performance over his studies and his number of arrears too increased every semester. On 7th March 2013, I got a call from his college principal, I picked up the call with the usual mindset that they gonna complain about my son but it was totally a contradictory to what I guessed…!!!

The principal thanked me for bringing glory to their college through my son, I was paused and thinking what happened to him..?? Every time he used to call me and say your son is fit for nothing, useless, he is not even worth for a penny. I still had a doubt that :

whether he called wrongly to my number..??
Are else whether this man sarcastically scolds our son..??

I asked him, “Sir.. I couldn’t get what you are saying..??“, he asked “Don’t you know sir..?? your son got selected in the National Level Photography Event conducted by THE HINDU and gonna receive the award from the honorable President of India“. On hearing that, I don’t even know how to react and started calling everyone and said that “my son is going to get an award from the President”… and after receiving the award, he came near me and said:

Dad, I feel sorry for participating in this event without your knowledge, I know you would not accept me as a photographer but I had no other option to prove my talent to you, every time people say me useless, fit for nothing and now your son is called as “THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER OF INDIA“ and everyone wants to take a selfie with me dad.

and the dad ends his sweet memories with a watery eyes and concludes by saying that: even now if you ask me, I will be strongly saying that nothing can match those feeling mixed with the happy, proud and cherishing moments and I am sure that I wont be that much happy even if my son had become an engineer, he made me to feel proud, what else a father could expect from his son more than this..??


“Let them walk towards their passion”

“Let children live their life as they wish to be”

“Let’s support our children to bloom their talents”

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