Achintayah Parabrahma Tridevaa #Insane_Dreams

Achintayah Parabrahma Tridevaa
(You may wonder about the title, it’s none other than Lord Shiva’s epithets)
Bonjour amigos…It’s really fun meeting you all after a quite long gap. Lemme share something interesting with all of you that happened to me the day before.
After all daily chores of the day, I went to sleep with many kinda obsessions and unwanted trash being dumped into head literally pulled me down and that’s where an idea flashed “Why shouldn’t I listen to the most powerful, the most divine “SHIV STOTRA”? . I always find it to be one of the best stress relievers and an energiser as well. Having listened it thoroughly, I dozed off dwelling with the potent of the DAMRO (Drum) invoking each unit cell and all the nerves with spirituality. It fastened my heartbeat with such eminent vibrations driving me to a feeling as I have attained MOKSHA (emancipation).
Slowly, the mantra unwarrantedly took me inside a dream world which persisted until the breaking dawn. Here is where the miracle happened. It was a dark mangrove forest with high mountains and water streams. Amidst stood the most magnificent and sacred “PARABRAHMA” (Lord Shiva) Statue that was multitudinous feet high past the white clouds. He stood still in his TANDAVA (dance) posture made thoroughly with pure gold. I was so small standing beneath him admiring his beauty with goose bumps all over the body and was in a complete state of happiness but was more puzzled about the happenings were true or not. Suddenly, the sky started its torrential downpour along with heavy thunders and lightening. The statue at once turned blue and “ALIVE”. The TRINETRA (three eyed) opened his eyes and stood up. He unleashed his hands with DAMRO on the right one and started his (here LORD SHIVA as NATARAJA) TANDAVA (Damma dama dama). The breaking Dawn arose with fresh blossoms and birds chirping, I woke up into the real world with all the memories happened the. It is obvious that this dream will remain as the best “token of remembrance” that bubbled me with miracles, saintliness and enthusiasm.
One part that I realized is that the “PARAMATHMA”(SUPREME SOUL) is the literal meaning of what BEAUTY is and will remain the only meaning of it.
Some of my quotes for the sanctity,
H Agni, nerrupu(fire)
V- vayu, kattru( Air)
A asman, agayam(sky)
n jal and prithvi or neer and nilam(Earth and water)

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