Introduction to Electric Current

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Howdy fellas! Let’s begin with an alluring stuff! Ever wondered what happens in between the time you turning ON a switch and a Tube light glowing ❓❓❓…..It’s due to ‘Electricity’, everybody says! We cannot escape certain things in our routine. Electricity is one among them. ‎But… what Electricity exactly is ??? Let’s not harp on […]

Electrifying 🔥

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 ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎You saturate my kind! ⚡ Swirling💫off my frame, everytime I bear you in mind… ‎Your freaky angle makes my soul bind❣ Perplexed by your twin attribute…😵 ‎ Deary, I’ve fallen for your negativity! 😆 ‎Resting off your spin… ‎My enigmatic Electron, 😍 ‎Would you ever fall for me?💓