Emoji – It’s better than Words !

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Emoji is a form of energy potion administered onto online interaction which enables the users to play with meta-communication factor`

Ever wondered or noticed that you might have left certain set of emoji might have used them if your origin is from a island located in pacific ocean.

Give a big hand of applause for japan for inventing emoji but according to our Intel certain people believe that the smiley was in use already by the first people who roamed on earth , this is highly evident by looking at the prehistoric caves. But anyway it will be more apt to use string of clapping emoji so that you sound more congratulatory to the Japanese people.

It is also a fact that right brain dominated woman play a major role in adopting emoticons more faster than their counterpart.

There are many forms of pictograph available which encapsulates various subtle nuance emotions within it and they have different names for them`

After the adoption of emoji by Unicode apple introduced a deck of emoji into their keyboard and others copied it literally. Even Whatsapp released their own set of emoji with slight modulation just recentlyand  it looks more cartoonish and however inspired by iOS version. And Whatsapp rolled out some extra pack of emoji  like vampires, genie, zombie, two star eyed emoji and many more with osumness embedded in it.

To get access to these extra emoji you must initiate some search, follow the below cheat sheet . we provide such minor details because some features developed by Whatsapp spreads to the commons very slowly than the expected. The faster it spreads more the fun is.

Facts Abouts Emoji :

  • The first modern emoji was created by Shigetaka Kurita, member of a team worked on the task for February 1999 debut of NTT Docomo’s mobile internet Platfrom.
  • Emoji – a combination of two japanese words “e”-picture and “moji”-character.
  • Apple included emoji keyboard on the iPhone 5’s iOS in 2011 which made emoji very popular among commons.
  • The whole part of Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” was translated using emoji by croud funding. Check it out @
  • In 2015,”Face with tears of joy” was awarded the word of the year by The Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Stickers sale in online became a revenue generating commodity for may big players.
  • Emoji Tracker tracks all real time emoji used real time in twitter. If you are an emoji hobbyist you can obtain numbers by visiting Emoji Tracker
  • Imoji app turns our selfies into emoji.
  • A short documentary on emoji released by watch it 

Emoji is sure a phenomenon of our time and it has no immediate successor for it, that is for sure.


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